Falling Down, Again

Hello from vacationland! As promised, I have a treat for you from my super-talented singer/songwriter cousin, Gordon McKinney who is a collaborator extraordinaire.

I have never been much for collaboration, not a group person. In fact, a group project more than once stirred up my anxiety enough that I had to drop a class. I’m a big loner in most of my endeavors.

But I’m learning thanks to a whole host of smart folks that collaboration–reaching out and receiving, holding hands and taking hands–is where it’s at; it’s our destiny, in fact, and we shun it at our peril.

A couple of weeks back, I fell down hard on an unforgiving concrete patio in my sister’s back yard. For days, my face finally matched my insides–all scarred and weepy with rough scabs and tender patches. In the ensuing days, I was so worn out that I had no choice but to accept over and over again simple kindness. It changed me.

When my cousin Gordon contacted me about collaboration, I shriveled up a bit. It’s the truth; it’s scary, all this receiving. He wanted to write music to one of my stories. (I really am lucky as hell) But even though I was scared, I said yes.

Oh, I am so glad I said yes. It’s the most beautiful song I have ever heard. Here he is, my cousin Gordon, with a gift for you and me.  Thanks so much, G.

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