My name is Bridgett.

I am a reader,

a writer,

a mother,

a wife,

a grandma (grammy),

a sister,

a daughter,

a teacher,

a collage artist,

a daily walker,

and a lover of lists.

I like to bake bread and knit dish rags–dish rags because they are easy and do not require me to count stitches.

I love Hillary Clinton, and I am unabashedly supporting her for president not JUST because she is a woman, but the fact that she is a woman sure as hell doesn’t hurt. She’s not an old white guy–no offense to Bernie.

At the end of November, I entered menopause–who knew that menopause was the part after the periods had stopped for an entire year? I thought menopause began when the crazy did, and for me, that was back at 40.

I have two pugs and a cat although my husband is in charge of feeding them while I’m largely in charge of sweeping all the pug hair. I love solid surface flooring, but some days I wish we had carpet where the dirt and the dog hair could hide out.

I buy books compulsively and even though I do not believe in youth serums, I have quite a few in my medicine cabinet.

I got a new garlic press the other day, and now the house smells like garlic because I am using it in everything–well, not cereal.

I have always liked answers, but this year I am going to do my damnedest to love the questions.

Thanks for reading!

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